How and why do some people lack intuition?

Published: 2018-04-19
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Oh, that is very simple, indeed:

If we define “knowledge” as being the past, “logic” as being the way we interpret it, and “intuition” as being a projection of the future (think about a “simulation” of the future, an “anticipation”), then immediately we run into a contradiction, which is:

If intuition tells “warning, there will be a problem” and if we listen to that, we change something, therefore the problem won't occur.

If intuition tells “ohhh that will be good” and we were about the kiss someone for example, then we can run into shyness, which will prevent us from doing it.

The point here is: if you know the future for a fact, it will prevent it to happen. And that, according to logic, will be a 100% failure to predict the future.

Therefore when you have a good intuition, it hurts your logic. That's why:

  1. people with a bad logic tend to be more efficient on intuition, and
  2. people with a strong logic tend to be less efficient on intuition.

The way to reconciliate logic and intuition, is to tell logic to not evaluate intuition, because that evaluation can't be done.

Intuition is specialized in parallel processing of parallel branches of possible futures (right brain), and

Logic is specialized in linear processing of linear branch of one and only past that we have (left brain).

(on a computer, the logic would the the CPU and intuition would be the GPU)

Thank you for asking the question!

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