Is programming hard or am I just bad?

Published: 2017-01-13
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Well, for learning a new language (a spoken one), you have two options: either you learn how to translate word by word into the new language that you are learning while still thinking in the old one, or either you rewire your brain into thinking directly into the new language.

So in option one you would be a fast learner and a slow (and bad, quite frankly) translator, or in option two you would be a slow learner and fast (and probably good) translator, because you would think directly into that new language, as any native would do, and so you would be able to think things that can't be though in an easy way in the old language.

So for computer languages, the options are the same. Don't focus on the “bad structure” or whatever aspect of a particular language, every language is bad in a way, so it's not a relevant point. The point is, can you *think* directly into that language easily, or is it *painful* for you to do so? If you can achieve thinking in that language, then do it, and voilà, you're a good programmer now! Nothing is hard when you like it. And nothing easy for everyone would have a value. So you decide.

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