Why in the present times don't we hear about new genius scientists like Einstein, Feynman, Faraday?

Published: 2016-01-16
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Has the field of research lost its sight somewhere?

Well, at the present time, we don't hear about some kind of genius like Einstein, because for someone to be abnormally clever, everybody else have to be the other way around.

But nowadays, people are much more educated than in the past. 90% of the total scientists in human history are alive right now, and this situation is both abnormal and temporary. Which means that we are traversing an amazing time of scientific progress and discoveries.

Do you read science papers? Have you ever opened a "Scientific American" magazine? If you're bored, then I guess that you just missed the good source of information that will make you chill, and nourish your curiosity.

Another way to answer: what you believe about the genius of the past, is a lens distorsion, an illusion. The same applies also in music, considering the genius of Michael Jackson and forgetting about the amazing time we're in, with a big bang of creativity everywhere.

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