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OMG this is so wrong... Panspermia is not a fantasy, it's very very likely. I'm surprised to hear the idea discarded in the very first minute of the talk. This is very unserious talk.

Moreover, when you consider the very long time (billions of years) that life took to transition from cellular life to complexe life, which proves it to be unlikely... Then if we apply that to the previous step, which is to create DNA based life "from nothing", that step surely took billions of years alone, as it has to be much much more unlikely than single cell life to multicell life transition.

And so, from this standpoint, panspermia is the key to explaining the very fast appearing of life in our solar system and in our home planet. Life obviously always comes from abroad, whether we like it or not.

7:20 Yeah and big news: those space probes do exist, and we have already discovered them and called them: "life", "cells", etc. Rings a bell? It's called Panspermia, guys. Open your eyes!

Joe Rogan Asks Physicist About Aliens


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