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Hi +Essena O'Neill, about you leaving the social media: you do it good, everything will go right from now on, nobody can take your freedom away from you, now that you decided to be free, really free, and do what you expect in your life and not what people expect from you.

About your books, they are many of course and you will find many more, but know that you can find help in music too, like in this one: "Jamie Sieber - Tree of Love"

What is all about? It's all about reality, about the fact that this movie that we call "life" is not the truth, it's just just a part of it. But "it" is bigger, widely bigger, infinitely bigger in fact. And "it" is all "you". Believing that we are bodies and minds is as foolish as having a hand believing to be the whole body and mind. Bodies and minds without souls are nothing than machines and they die in saddness. Souls are what we are, and as soon as you get it, nothing can prevent you from acheiving happiness and reaching your dreams.

Hugs and blessings to you, Essena! I never saw any picture from you and I'm glad that I did not. Now I saw you crying for the first time and this was beautiful. Beauty comes from the deep connexion with your "higher self", and you're building this connection right now. Build it up! You can't imagine how far you can go within this direction, and what you will find. You'll find the truth eventually! And there is absolutely nothing more beautiful in the whole universe than this

( answer to "Essena ONeill - Why I REALLY am quitting social media | The Truth" )

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Jamie Sieber - Tree of Love